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About JiMMy Pet Products: We are one of the leading manufacturers of Cat Litter and Dog Litter in India, we have introduces a wide range of cat litter with improved packing in Jar and multi colour Non Woven bags. Our products are activated with Neem which acts as an anti bacterial and anti fungal agent. We have introduced JiMMy Cat Litter – Exclusive which has a High Absorption capacity and are pallet form cat litter,JiMMy Cat Litter – Super is an Instant Absorption cat litter with fine granules. As there is an excellent market for deodorizer and dog litter in India, we have launched JiMMy Cat Litter Deodorizer which removes odour from the cat’s litter box and is an Eco friendly product. JiMMy Dog Litter is in bold granules form which is more suitable for dogs; it controls ammonia and odour.
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